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    Cut out on financial and administrative headaches with our cost-effective Suzuki leasing offers for business. Our flexible terms, costs and mileage options make Business Contract Hire (BCH) ideal for your business fleet.

    BCH is available to limited companies, sole traders, and partners. We give you the power to pick your own leasing terms for a brand-new Suzuki, including: annual mileage, deposits, and the length of the agreement - often with great discounts too!

    • Step One: Explore our brand-new Suzuki range online and source the car most appropriate for your fleet. Search our Suzuki range, here.

      Step Two: Get in touch and arrange a test drive.

      Step Three: Tailor your Business Contract Hire terms to suit your business needs and requirements with one of our Suzuki Business experts, and complete paperwork.

      Step Four: Arrange a delivery or collection slot for your Suzuki BCH fleet.

      Step Five: In the following days, we’ll get in touch to make sure everything is up to scratch and to answer any questions you may have. We’ll also send out a feedback form via email, which we’ll use to help us improve our future services and processes. 


    Business Contract Hire is one of the most cost-effective ways to equip your fleet with premium commercial vehicles. Other benefits include:

    • Equipping your fleet with the latest technology, such as: satellite navigation, fuel economy, reversing parking cameras, traffic and speed limit monitoring, and more.
    • Low initial payments, which are usually made up of three, to six, monthly payments.
    • Fixed monthly payments (at the start of the agreement), based on lease duration, and expected annual mileage. The residual value of the vehicle is then estimated, and the monthly payments will be spread out to cover the depreciation costs by the end of the lease.
    • Removing unnecessary administration and costs from your business, simply pay the monthly fees and hand the car back at the end of the lease.
    • VAT-registered businesses can reclaim 50% of the VAT on the contract, and 100% of the VAT on any maintenance element.

    For a tailored Suzuki Business quote, or for more information please give us a call, fill out the business enquiry form below, or visit us in branch.

    Please Note: We also offer discounts for public sector workers through the Griffin Military & Diplomatic scheme.

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