Servicing At Town & Country

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Regular servicing is vital to maintaining the performance of your car. It also ensures that it will continue to run efficiently and effectively throughout its life. We have a team of technicians who will work on your car with care and skill.

Suzuki recommends that you service your car once a year or every 9,000/12,500 miles. (MOT is a legal requirement for all vehicles 3 years after first registration).

Break down the cost with a Service Plan:

We know that servicing your car can feel expensive. We have a payment scheme in place to help you. Our payment scheme is fully flexible with you deciding what you want to do.

  • Set up a direct debit with a suitable amount for you.
  • Pay monthly
  • When your annual service comes around use the credit you have built up throughout the year to pay off the service.


  1. Is my car suitable for the new E10 petrol? All Suzuki cars older than 1997 are suitable with E10 petrol.
  2. Why does my tyre pressure warning light keeps coming on? The cold temperatures can often trigger the sensors in your tyres, forcing the tyre pressure warning light to come on, this can quickly be turned off by us.
  3. What does the amber oil light on my dashboard mean? It means you are due a service - this is based on a time countdown as well as a mileage counter.

Book a service or make an enquiry about setting up a service plan and we will contact you as soon as we can