Military Emergency Services


Am I eligible for Motor Source discounts?

All serving members of HM Forces are eligible for our discounts whether permanently stationed in the UK or on a posting overseas with tax free entitlements. For many of our manufacturer's retired personnel or veterans are also eligible for discounts.

Eligible personnel

  • NHS employees
  • Serving members of HM Forces, wives and dependents
  • TA & Reservists
  • UK Police
  • Fire & Rescue
  • Prison Service
  • Diplomatic personnel
* Some manufacturers may require proof of status.

New Cars

Where would I collect my new car from?

Unlike our competitors, all of our cars are delivered from a franchised delivery point to ensure you receive a qualified handover of your new car. So for example, if you buy a new Suzuki, you will collect from our trained representatives at our Suzuki dealership. Depending on your circumstances, we can also arrange to deliver your car to you within the UK at an extra cost. No one else offers this high level of service to ensure all of your needs are catered for.

Can I take a delivery of my New Car abroad?

We can arrange to deliver your car by transporter to your military base in Germany at an additional cost. However, if you are part-exchanging a car, you will need to bring this back to the UK.

Can I buy a Used car through the Motor Source scheme?

Yes. If you are posted overseas with tax free entitlement, you can purchase a new tax free car before your posting date. The vehicle must be exported within 60 days of registration for countries inside the EU, or 6 months for countries outside of the EU. The vehicle must then be registered in your country of destination as specified on your VAT411 or VAT410 (forms used in the UK to negate the VAT).

We will send you the necessary forms with your order pack, or you can download your VAT form here


Can I part exchange my current vehicle?

Yes. Through our network of experienced trade buyers we can find you the best price for any make or model of part exchange vehicle. We will arrange for the trader to meet you at your new car collection point so everything is as easy as possible for you.

Must I leave the tax disc on my part exchange on handover?

All part exchange vehicles must have a valid UK V5 and tax disc. All traders will value your part exchange with this. If you are re-registering your car with DVLA, your V5 log book will take a few weeks to be processed and so the tax disc is the only proof of registration, thus allowing the trader to then resell the vehicle. If no tax disc is present, the trader may refuse to take the part exchange.

My part exchange car is outside of the UK, do I have to bring it back?

If your vehicle has been exported from the UK and you have an export certificate, it must be de-registered in the country in which you are stationed and then re-registered and taxed in the UK. For vehicles over 3 years old, an MOT must also be carried out. If the service is due on the vehicle, this must also be done.

Can I register my part exchange at any DVLA in the UK?

You will need to register at a UK DVLA office which offers an over the counter service; i.e. they will provide your new tax disc on the day with the V5 log book to follow. Not all DVLA offices offer this service, to find out which ones do, call 08708 500 007.

What do I do if my part exchange vehicle has finance on it?

If your vehicle has outstanding finance on it, it is best to contact one of our advisors who can advise on the best course of action.

I don't want to buy a new car but do want to sell my current car, can you help?

Yes. We can buy your car, even if you aren't buying a new one and even if you didn't buy it from us initially. Through our network of experienced buyers, we can get you the best price for any make or model of vehicle.

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